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Kids Vision

Setting kids up for success

Maintaining children’s health, including their vision, is vital for them to thrive, learn, and enjoy life.

Our team here at Ashgrove Optical love helping be a part of maintaining the eye health of our local community, and we welcome the youngest members of our community!

Children’s eye tests differ from those we do for adults. We take care to be gentle and have a number of different processes that we can use to check their vision, even if they are unable to read.

Ashgrove Optical’s Optometrist, Kelly McGregor, is a certified Paediatric Optometrist through the Queensland Children’s Hospital (formerly Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital), Brisbane.

Kids Vision

We can support your kid’s vision through:

  • Routine eye testing
  • Pre-school screening
  • Testing for fitting frames and contact lenses
  • Advanced eye examinations
  • Fitting sunglasses

All children’s eye tests will be conducted with their parent or guardian in the room.

When should I get my kid’s eyes checked?

We recommend bringing your child in for an assessment if you have any concerns about their vision, or you have noticed anything unusual.

Leading Authorities recommend that children have regular eye examinations through early childhood and before they start school.  It is important for children to have a complete eye examination before starting school.  The Optometrist needs to determine if a child’s visual system is adequately prepared to handle reading, writing and other close work.

30% of Children may have undetected vision problems that can significantly affect learning – bring your child in for an eye test if you have any concerns about their vision?

Myopia Management

Myopia or Short sightedness is a growing public health concern with a large proportion of the population developing short sightedness (the distance is blurry).  This can be associated with both genetic (runs in families) and/or environmental causes (excessive close work). 

Short sightedness that starts in childhood usually progresses throughout the child’s development and high degrees of myopia can result in increased risk of blindness as an adult.  There are now a number of treatment options available to reduce the rate of progression of myopia.  These include the latest specialised spectacles lenses, contact lenses and Atropine therapy. 

Our clinic has the ability to monitor the growth of the eyeball, an important tool in assessing myopia progression. 


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